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Welcome to the 39th Annual GOMACTech Conference

Reliability, Remembering the Recipe

MARCH 31- April 3, 2014 - Charleston, SC

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The GOMACTech-14 Program Committee warmly welcomes you to this year's conference in Charleston, South Carolina, 31 March – 4 April, 2014. GOMACTech is the pre-eminent conference for the review of developments in microelectronic devices, circuits, and applications for government systems. GOMACTech was established in 1968. GOMACTech is an unclassified, export-controlled event that requires all participants to be U.S. Citizens or legal U.S. Permanent Residents.

This year, our conference theme, “Reliability, Remembering the Recipe,” focuses on the performance and reliability of microelectronics components and the impact these have on modern defense systems that have field lifetimes in excess of 20 years, far exceeding that of consumer electronics.  Many emerging technologies bring smaller feature sizes, high bandwidth, high speed, and novel materials to bear on government applications.  Unfortunately these advances can also bring new reliability challenges, including new physics of failure so it is necessary to consider reliability from the beginning of the design process. GOMACTech-14 provides a forum for discussing and demonstrating advanced microelectronics and microsystems that can provide the means to develop confidence in transformational, leap-ahead technologies and capabilities.The topical sessions will focus on developments and accomplishments ranging from components to sensor sub-systems within selected ongoing government-sponsored programs. Technical sessions include:

•   Advances in Heterogeneous Integration
•   Microelectronics Integrity Analysis • Rad Hard Technology
•   Photonic Integration • Reconfigurable RF Technology
•   State of the Art in Assessment and Progress of GaN Reliability
•   SiC and GaN Power Electronics • Advanced Phased Array Technology
•   Wide Bandgap and Advanced Silicon Circuit

The conference content for this year includes several tutorials on Monday, 31 March. The first tutorial is “Trusted Suppliers Industry Day,” hosted and planned by the Trusted Suppliers Steering Group. The tutorial’s objective is to gather members of industry and government agencies representing the interests of integrated-circuit and electronics producers who are focused on serving defense and aerospace applications that are trusted. This tutorial is planned for the entire day.

The second tutorial will provide an update on the ASD-RE initiated “Advanced Components for EW (ACE)” initiative.  The goal of ACE is to develop critical component technology through a large scale development effort across the DoD.  The four focus areas of ACE will be discussed in this afternoon session: Millimeter-Wave Source and Receiver Components for EW; Reconfigurable and Adaptive RF Electronics (RARE); Integrated Photonic Circuits (IPC); and 3D Heterogeneously Integration for Photonic Sources (3D-HIPS).

Our third tutorial offering will focus on “Understanding the Impact of Reliability on Advanced CMOS Electronics.” This afternoon tutorial will look at commercial reliability data for scaled CMOS, common failure modes, as well as investigate the ability to determine reliability through physical modeling.

The conference formally opens on Tuesday morning, 1 April, with an outstanding Plenary Session which includes a keynote address by Mr. Alan Shaffer, Acting - Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering.

The keynote will be followed by the Jack S. Kilby Lecture Series, which will consist of the following three presentations: Dr. Art Morris, CTO and co-founder of wiSpry, Inc., will speak on “Production RF-MEMS in CMOS for RF and Microwave Tuning”; Mr. Gilbert Herrera, Director, Microsystems Science, Technology and Components at Sandia National Laboratories, will speak on “From MEMS to Microsystems: Learning to Exploit Dominant Physical Phenomena at Scale”; and Dr. Subramanian Iyer, IBM Fellow, Microelectronics Division at IBM, will speak on advanced integration and packaging for high performance circuits.

The plenary, technical, and topical sessions are the major venues for information exchange at the conference. Other opportunities for technical interaction are provided by the Exhibits Program that includes major IC manufacturers and commercial vendors of devices, equipment, systems, and services for nearly every facet of the electronics business. The exhibition opens on Tuesday at noon and runs through Wednesday, 2 April, at 4:00 pm. On Tuesday evening, attendees can network in a relaxing atmosphere during the Exhibitors’ Reception. Wednesday evening features the conference banquet, which will be held afloat in Charleston harbor on the Charleston Queen riverboat.  The Blues and BBQ cruise will feature a live blues band and a delicious BBQ dinner.  On Thursday morning, 22 March, a Poster Session that includes our annual student poster competition will be held. This year’s technical program is a result of the hard work and enthusiasm of the GOMACTech-14 Technical Program Committee. The committee members discussed and collaborated on the topics and presentations. The quality of the conference reflects this comprehensive team effort. We hope that you find GOMACTech-14 an enlightening and rewarding experience. Thank you for your active participation.


Thomas W. Dalrymple
Michael Lovellette
Conference Chair
Technical Program Chair

Tutorial 1: Trusted Suppliers Industry Session
Monday 31 March 2014, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Embassy Suites Hotel, Ballroom A

Harry Kellzi, Teledyne

The national Trusted Suppliers Industry Session returns to GOMACTech 2014. The objective is to gather members of industry and government agencies representing the interests of trusted integrated-circuit and electronics producers who are focused on serving the defense and aerospace industry. This industry day is organized by the Trusted Suppliers Steering Committee and Harry Kellzi from Teledyne will be moderating the event. Some of the key issues include accreditation activity and criteria; emerging defense policy; and demand for trusted supplies, trust solutions, and opportunities for industry to work together and with the government for further progress in this area. The program begins with status and updates of DoD policy, the accreditation process, and programmatic initiatives. Distinguished government as well as industry invited speakers will kick off the event. Later, industry representatives will discuss their perspectives in Trusted Microelectronics requirements and sustainability issues. In the afternoon session, a moderated discussion, with panelists representing both industry and government, will take on topics that are frequently being asked by industry participants.

Tutorial 2: Advanced Components for EW (ACE)
Full ACE Agenda

Monday, 31 March 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Embassy Suites Hotel, Ballroom C1 & C2

Gerald Borsuk, Naval Research Laboratory
Stephen Hary, Air Force Research Lab

The goal of ACE is to develop, mature, and demonstrate for military use affordable, reliable, and available leap-ahead EW component technologies to address rapidly evolving emerging threats. Four component technology thrusts area have been identified. They are: 1) Integrated Photonic Circuits (IPC), 2) Millimeter-Wave Source and Receiver Components for EW (MMW), 3) Reconfigurable and Adaptive RF Electronics (RARE), and 4) Three Dimensional Heterogeneous Integration for Photonic Sources (3D-HIPS). During this GOMACTech session results of recently completed advanced studies in each of these four critical component technology areas will be presented. A panel session that addresses the application of these components to EW systems will also be presented.

Tutorial 3: Understanding the Impact of Reliability on Advanced CMOS Electronics
Monday, 31 March 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Embassy Suites Hotel, BallroomC3

Michael Fritze, USC Information Sciences Institute
Jonathan Ahlbin, USC Information Sciences Institute

The operational lifetime of DoD microelectronic systems is typically much longer than today’s commercial electronic systems. It thus becomes critical to systematically be able to evaluate and understand all the major failure mechanisms of DoD systems ranging from long-term reliability failure to intentional tampering and counterfeiting. The typical reliability data provided by commercial CMOS vendors has started to become inadequate for calculating mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) estimates for government systems with long operational lifetimes. Typical commercial reliability testing also does not focus on intentional tampering. This tutorial will go from the “ground-up” in exploring the different levels of reliability in DoD systems beginning with basic CMOS reliability physics and models and continuing on to reliability impacts in systems and supply chain management.

Plenary Session
Tuesday, 1 April / 8:30 am - 12:00 pm / Ballroom C1, C2, and C3

Opening Remarks 8:30 am - 8:45 am
Mr. Tom Dalyrmple, GOMACTech 2014 Conference Chair  
GOMACTech-13 Awards 8:45 am - 9:00 am
Keynote Address 9:00 am - 9:45 am
Mr. Alan R. Shaffer
Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
Department of Defense, Washington, D.C.
Title: Maintaining Our Technological Advantage in an Era of Uncertainty: Scarce Resources, Agility and Innovation

Break 9:45 am - 10:00 am
Jack S. Kilby Lecture Series

Dr. Subramanian Iyer
IBM Fellow
Microelectronics Division, IBM Systems & Technology Group
Title: Orthogonal Scaling to Extend Computing into the Cognitive Era

Dr. Art Morris
CTO and Co-founder
WiSpry, Inc.
Adjunct Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
North Carolina State University
Title: Production RF-MEMS in CMOS for RF and Microwave Tuning

Mr. Gil Herrera
Director, Microsystems Science & Technology and Components Center
Sandia National Laboratories
Title: From MEMS to Microsystems: Learning to Exploit Dominant Physical Phenomena at Scale

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Lunch will be provided on all three days. The Tuesday and Wednesday lunches will include a presentation of great interest to the GOMACTech community.

Dr. Joseph E. Mazur
The Aerospace Corporation
Title: An Overview of The Van Allen Probes Mission and its Importance of the Microelectronics Community

Tuesday, April 1

Amr El-Ashmawi
VP of World Wide Strategic Marketing
Microsemi Corporation
Title: Trustworthy Integrated Circuits

Wednesday, April 2

An exhibition comprised of commercial vendors exhibiting products of interest to the GOMACTech community is an integral part of the conference. All attendees are reminded to visit the exhibitors when they have some free time. The Exhibit Hall is located in Exhibit Hall A in the North Charleston Convention Center (connected to the Embassy Suites).. Coffee breaks will be held in the exhibit area when they coincide with the exhibition’s hours of operation. On Tuesday evening, an Exhibitors’ Reception, where attendees can mix in a relaxing atmosphere of food and good spirits, will be held. Exhibition hours are as follows:

Tuesday, 1 April 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Wednesday, 2 April 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Preliminary List of Exhibitors
3D Plus USA
ASIC North, Inc
BAE Systems
Cadence Design Systems
e2v Aerospace and Defense
Honeywell International
HRL Laboratories
Integra Technologies
Jazz Semiconductor
MOSIS Services
National Reconnaissance Office
Northrop Grumman
Novati Technologies
NNSAs Kansas City Plant
Nuvotronics LLC
ON Semiconductors
Rochester Electronics
RTI International
Sandia National Laboratories
Silicon 360
Sonnett Software
SST Inc.
Tela Innovations
Teledyne Microelectronics
TriQuint Semiconductor
XTREME Semiconductor

GOMACTech has reserved a block of rooms at the Embassy Suites Hotel North Charleston- Airport/Hotel & Convention at a special rate of $164, single or double. These rates are exclusive of applicable state and local taxes. Reservations may be made on line at
Or, by calling the hotel reservations department at 843-747-1882. Be sure to note that you are attending GOMACTech.
The deadline for reservations from the GOMACTech block is March 8, 2014.

Anyone requiring additional information about GOMACTech should contact the Conference Coordinator, Alicia Waldron, GOMACTech, 411 Lafayette Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10003 (212/460-8090 x216),

Paper awards based on audience evaluations from GOMACTech-13 will include the George Abraham Outstanding Paper Award, a Meritorious Paper Award, and a Best Poster Paper Award. Presentation of these well-deserved awards will take place at the Plenary Session on Tuesday morning in the main Ballroom. The GOMACTech-13 winners are as follows:

The George Abraham Outstanding Paper Award (9.2)
J. Moon, HRL Laboratories
K. Gaskill, Naval Research Laboratory
P. Asbeck, University of California at San Diego
"Advances in Graphene-based High-dynamic-Range RF Electronics"

Best Poster Paper Award (40.1 and 32.4)
(40.1) J. Rossi, K. Soule, A.Stempien, T. Mastrangelo, A.Merrill, N. Cox, C. Schauerman, B. Landi, Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY
C. Cress, S. Messenger, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC
"Radiation Response of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Thin-Films as a Function of Electronic-Type and Diameter"

(32.4) K.Merkel, W. Babbitt, S.Bekker, S2 Corporation
Z. Barber, Montana State University - Spectrum Lab
"Extreme Wideband Photonic Cueing Receiver for Electronic Support: CSWaP and Fidelity Comparisons to an All-Digital Alternative"

Best Student Poster Paper Award (30.2)
J. Yan, P. Draxler, P. Asbeck, University of California at San Diego
D.Kimball, MaXentric Technologies
"Enabling Wide Modulation Bandwidth for Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers Through the Use of DSP"

Don't forget to vote for your favorite presentation this year before you leave the conference. A rating form/questionnaire is being handed out at conference check-in. To encourage submission of these forms, GOMACTech has a special gift for all attendees submitting a completed form. Please turn your form in at the Conference registration desk when you leave the Conference to receive your gift item.

Meeting Room3 has been designated as speakers' preparation room and will be available during the hours the conference registration desk is open starting on Tuesday, 1 April. Speakers are encouraged to use the facilities to ensure compatibility with the meeting’s AV equipment. Speakers having difficulties should request to see an AV operator. Speakers are also asked to be at their assigned presentation room 30 minutes before the sessions begins to meet with their session chair. An AV operator will NOT be assigned to each technical session room.

The GOMACTech CD-ROM Proceedings, containing searchable, condensed versions of submitted papers presented at the Conference, will be distributed to all registrants. Additional copies of the CD-ROM can be purchased at the Conference at a cost of $40.00.
Previously published as the GOMAC Digest of Technical Papers, Volumes I – XXVII, this publication is the only record of the conference. Previous GOMAC Digests will, upon request, made available copies to qualified Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) users. Please call 1-800-225-3842 for bound or microfiche copies. Past Digests can be ordered by calling the above number and identifying the following accession numbers (please note that GOMAC was not held in the calendar year of 1995):

GOMAC-84 B113271 -86 B107186 -87 B119187
-88 B129239 -89 B138550 -90 B150254
-91 B160081 -92 B169396 -93 B177761
-94 B195015 -96 B212362 -97 B222171
-98 B235088 -99 B242763 -00 B254138
-01 B264749 -02 M201603 -03 M201604
-04 M201663 -05 M201849 -06 M202011
-07 M202134 -08 M202438 -09 M202646
-10 M202788 -11 M202918 -12 ADB379283
-13 ADB387878    

The Information/Message Center will be located adjacent to the GOMACTech Registration Desk located in the Ballroom Foyer. The message center telephone number for incoming calls is 843-747-1882. Callers should ask to be transferred to the GOMACTech Registration Desk.

Participating Government Organizations of GOMACTech-14 include: Department of Defense (Army, Navy, Air Force) ... National Aeronautics and Space Administration ... Department of Commerce (National Institute of Standards and Technology) ... National Security Agency ... Department of Energy (Sandia National Laboratories) ... Department of Energy (National Nuclear Security Administration) Defense Logistics Agency ... Department of Health and Human Services ... Defense Threat Reduction Agency ... Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ... Advisory Group on Electron Devices ... Central Intelligence Agency ... National Reconnaissance Office

Information on GOMACTech may be obtained through its Web site at