(In addition to members of the Steering Committee)

Technical Program Chair
Fred Sexton, Sandia National Laboratories

Technical Program Committee Representatives:

Jon Ahlbin Missile Defense Agency
Travis Anderson Naval Research Laboratory
Tony Ivanov Army Research Laboratory
Greg Creech Ohio State University
Cory Cress Naval Research Laboratory
Michael Fritze Information Sciences Institute
Michael Gerhold Army Research Laboratory
Rita Gonzales Sandia National Laboratory
Mark Gouker MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Tom Jenkins Naval Reconnaissance Office
Debby Jensen Sandia National Laboratories
Cliff Lau Institute for Defense Analyses
Jiang Liu Army Research Laboratory
Lloyd Massengill Vanderbilt University
David Meyer Naval Research Laboratory
Vipul Patel Air Force Research Laboratory
Douglas Sheldon NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Vashisht Sharma Institute for Defense Analyses
Barry Treloar National Security Agency
Allyson Yarbrough The Aerospace Corp.