Steering Committee


Conference Chair
Peter Buxa, Air Force Research Laboratory
Technical Program Chair
Morgan Thoma, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Local Arrangements Chair
Luciano Boglione, Office of Naval Research
Tom Dalrymple, Air Force Research Lab 
Financial Chair
Craig Keast, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Publicity Chair
Fritz Kub, Naval Research Laboratory

Awards Chair
Dan Radack, Institute for Defense Analyses

Awards Chair (2)

James Wilson, DARPA

Conference Publication Chair

Vipul Patel, Air Force Research Laboratory

Steering Committee Representatives

Travis Anderson, U.S. Research Laboratory
Gerald Borsuk, Naval Research Laboratory
Matthew Casto, Air Force Research Laboratory
Rich Dondero, Sandia National Laboratories
TIm Hancock, DARPA
Steve Hary, Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Tony Ivanov, Army Research Laboratory
Michael Lovellette, Naval Research Laboratory
Paul Maki, Office of Naval Research
Mona Massuda, National Security Agency
Carl McCants, National Security Agency
David Meyer, Naval Research Laboratory
Pauline Paki, DHS Science & Technology
John Penn, Army Research Laboratory
David Pentrack, Defense Microelectronics Activity
Mark Rosker, DARPA
Marcia Sawhney, National Security Agency
Barry Treloar, National Security Agency

Technical Program Committee

(In addition to members of the Steering Committee)

Technical Program Committee Representatives:

Igor Anisimov, Air Force Research Laboratory
Todd Bauer, Sandia National Laboratory
Peter Behrens, National Security Agency
Radoslav (Rocco) Bogoslovov, ECS Federal
Adilson Cardoso, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Wayne Churaman, Army Research Laboratory
Jeffrey Connor, Azure Summit
Greg Creech, Ohio State University
Brian Dupaix, The Ohio State University
Savario Fazzari, Booz Allen Hamilton
Shawn Fetterolf, IBM
Michael Fritze, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Peter Gadfort, Army Research Laboratory
Michael Gerhold, Army Research Laboratory
Christal Gordon, Booz Allen Hamilton
Kenneth Goretta, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Mark Gouker, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Steve Gross, DARPA
Wes Hansford, Boeing
Robert Harris, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Tom Jenkins, Naval Reconnaissance Office
Gregg Jessen, MACOM
Donna Joyce, Air Force Research Laboratory
Cliff Lau, Institute for Defense Analyses
Baruch Levush, Naval Research Laboratory
Nelson Lourenco, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Lloyd Massengill, Vanderbilt University
Lisa McIlrath, DARPA
Jeremy Muldavin, Global Foundries
Thao Nguyen, Air Force Research Laboratory
Johnathan Pellish, NASA
Alex Phipps, SPAWAR Pacific
Tony Quach, Air Force Research Laboratory
Meredith Reed, Army Research Laboratory
Vashisht Sharma, Institute for Defense Analyses
Abirami Sivananthan, Booz Allen Hamilton
Raphael Some, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Luke Stevens, Army Futures Command
Nain Sun, Northeastern University
Manuel Trejo, DoD
Nicholas Usechak, Air Force Research Laboratory
Jason Vosatka, Air Force Research Laboratory
Gail Walters, IARPA
Michael Wehrmeister, National Security Agency
Mark Yeary, Oklahoma University